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Selling your property is a big decision and choosing the right agent is a decision that should not be underestimated. We do everything we can to make the process as easy as possible. We want go above and beyond to make sure you sell your home quickly and with as little hassle as possible so you can get on with making a new one.

What makes us different?

Simple answer is we care. We are not a typical high street agent, we go above and beyond for our clients to ensure we achieve the best results. We give honest valuations backed up with real data and examples alongside extensive knowledge of the areas we cover. In the sales market knowledge is power and everything we do is based on experience and market data.

We believe in small details and having flexible marketing strategies depending on property style and targeted profile of tenant. Depending on the strategy we will use different photographers who can highlight key features to make the property stand out. With permission we push hard on social media and are finding instagram to be a useful tool in marketing certain types of property. The use of speed tours is another area we really believe in as they give prospective tenants a short overview of the property and its defining features.

We also offer a staging service which in most cases is free. Sometimes a house needs a few touches to amplify its character and features, this is where our team comes in. We will stage the property to ensure it is looking as appealing as possible for photo's and viewings.

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How much does it cost?

Our standard fee for sole agency is 1.5% + VAT

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Sales Process

Getting to know your property

During our initial chat a senior member of our team will get to know a bit about your property and also your circumstances. This helps shape our marketing strategy so we can attract the desired profile of potential buyer     

Sales Process


The more information we can have at this stage the better. Most landlords have lived in the property before and can help us highlight its defining and key features. We will present the price we feel is achievable with examples and data to back this up. you will also receive a copy of our terms of business outlining our service levels and the legalities of our agreement. 

Sales Process

Going live

Now we have agreed a marketing price and have signed terms we are ready to go live across all advertising portals. We will tailor a marketing strategy to attract the right profile of buyer at the desired price point. Use of photography, descriptions and social media all play a big part in this and owners can let us work our magic or be involved in the process if they desire. 

Sales Process

Submitting offers

We will put forward all offers received which as much background information as possible. We are happy to talk over all of the offers in as much detail as needed to ensure you are happy with the selected buyer. Once agreed we will start the legal process and remove the property from the market.   

Sales Process


Once the sale is agreed our work is not finished. We will work on the file through from offer agreed to completion. We are here to help and our experienced team are well versed in dealing with any bumps in the road.   

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